Sustainability in The Community: Tri Cycle Farms

The Story of Local Sustainability


When the topic of sustainability gets brought up, most of us start to think of places like Portland, OR or Boulder, CO or somewhere else with a lot of hippies masquerading as professionals and scientists. But, believe it or not, our own Fayetteville, AR and the surrounding NWA is home to many innovative and impactful sustainability efforts of our own. This blog series of Sustainability in the Community will explore several of these local initiatives and businesses to explain what they are doing and how you can get involved.

This, the first article in the series, focuses on the mission and impact of the Fayetteville based Tri Cycle Farms. The second post, on Net Impact, can be found here.

Little Farm, Big Impact


Tri Cycle Farms, located in North Fayetteville at the meeting of Garland and Sycamore, is a rural oasis in our continually urbanizing city.  Only about 2 acres in total productive land, Tri Cycle manages to pack and enormous sustainable punch despite its small size. Tri Cycle was established in October, 2011 and has spent the past four years living up to its simple yet lofty goal to “grow community through soil as [they] steward food awareness, education, and empowerment”. [1] Tri Cycle’s mission statement addresses social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability, making it a true poster child of the sustainability movement.

Today, Tri Cylce offers a wide variety of volunteer, educational and community activities, from composting to yoga, cooking lessons to farming work days. If you are interested in fighting local food insecurity, learning about urban agriculture, or even just getting your hands dirty, Tri Cycle farms is a great place to get involved and learn just what sustainable living is all about.


Want to learn more?  Check out their Website and their Blog.

Interested in volunteering at Tri Cycle? Click here to sign up.

Want to see other volunteering opportunities available in our community? Click here.


ALSO  Do you know of any other local initiatives or businesses that you this should be showcased on this blog?  If so, shoot an email to with the name and short description of the deserving party, and we at the OFS will work on getting a blog together!

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