Women Engineers Partner with OFS for Regional Conference

SWE Regional Conference

The Office for Sustainability recently partnered with the University of Arkansas Society of Women Engineers (SWE) as they hosted the regional SWE conference. Hailey Flatte, was the sustainability coordinator for the conference and was in charge of facilitating communication with the Office for Sustainability and the other conference chairs, and implementing various sustainability initiatives for the conference.

At the conference, those in attendance were provided with a list of general tips and the contact information for the Office for Sustainability if they had any further questions. The conference used Clearstream recycling receptacles provided by the Office for Sustainability and recycling bins provided by Facilities Management to recycle cans and bottles during the conference diverting, 5 lbs of recycling. They also recovered food from their lunch, totaling 163.3 lbs and averaging slightly over ½ pound per person. Additionally, the Executive Director for the Office for Sustainability, Dr. Marty Matlock, held a workshop at the conference about sustainable design. The partnership was a great success and the Office for Sustainability looks forward to future partnerships with Society of Women Engineers and other organizations on campus.

If you would like to make a future campus event Zero Waste, find information and resources to register, host, and report your results.

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