Local. Sustainable. Arkansas.

Are you a student organization focused on sustainability in water, food, health, housing, or education?  If so, give 5 Rights FC a shout!  Tables are available to reach out and educate the public at the Arkansas vs. Tulsa game tomorrow night.

If not, swing by the Office for Sustainability table!  We will be available to talk and hang out during the game.

More information:

50 NCAA College Soccer Matches: For USA Water, Food, Health, Housing, and Education.

Local. Sustainable. Arkansas.
Across the USA, from Aug 23 to Nov 17, 100 NCAA college soccer teams will support campus and community water, food, health, housing and education initiatives.

Campus + Community Tables
Initiatives will occupy information tables around the stadium, and invite their supporters to attend “Local. Sustainable. Arkansas.”

Recycled + Recyclable Jerseys
Tablers may wear 5RFC recycled + recyclable jerseys to communicate their role with a national team which supports USA water, food, health, housing and education.


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