Project Update and Survey

High tunnel strawberries grown in a high tunnel at Lubbock.

High tunnel strawberries grown in a high tunnel at Lubbock, TX.

We have made great progress in our USDA-Specialty Crop Research Initiative Planning Project, “Planning to Increase the Productivity and Competitiveness of Sustainable Strawberry Systems“. We have developed a Strawberry Industry Survey to help us guide the development of a full SCRI project in 2017 and invite strawberry growers, managers, nurserymen as well as Extension agents and crop advisors to take it.  For more information on our project and to view our progress, check out these resources below:

Now we need help from you! If you grow or advise growers on strawberry or nursery production, take our survey! Please go to our website or use this direct link. The survey will close in February 2017.

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