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The Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas Field Day 2014 site.

Field Day 2014

The Amateur Radio Club of the University of Arkansas (ARCUA) Field Day 2014 event took place at the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks in Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 28-29, 2014. This was our third...

Fully assembled and ready to go

Parametric PowerPole Break-Out Boxes

Overview: This project started out with the goal of making a nice looking Anderson PowerPole break-out box. Break-out boxes let you take advantage of one large power supply at a nominal voltage (e.g. 12V)...

The 45A contacts can be just as inexpensive as the smaller 15A and 30A contacts. The only catch is that they must be individually separated from the reel they come on as seen above.

Buying Anderson PowerPoles

So you’re looking at outfitting your station with Anderson PowerPoles? Great! Now the next question is “Where do I buy them online?” Ultimately you can buy them either from a smaller vendor such as...

Georg, DK7LX, and Ron, K5XK, visited the ARCUA shack on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. ARCUA members present presented Georg with a signed QSL card as a souvenir of his trip to W5YM.

DK7LX visits W5YM

Georg Knoess, DK7LX, and Ron Evans, K5XK, stopped by to have lunch with ARCUA members on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. Georg, who is from Frankfurt, Germany, was in town to give a presentation for the Ozark...

The plaque recognizing W5YM as November Sweepstakes Delta Division Winner for 2012.

November Sweeps 2012 Plaque Arrives

This week W5YM received our official plaque for the 2012 November Sweepstakes. We were the Delta Division Winner for School Clubs in 2012! Also, we ranked #4 nationwide for School Clubs! We had a...

AC0MX (left), AE5ZC (middle), and W3SVN (right)

November Sweeps 2013

November Sweeps 2013 was a tremendous event for W5YM! We had a number of students actively participating, including Jill (AC0MX), Matt (W5VO), Hannah (KD5WNF), and Austin (W3SVN). The W5YM final claimed score was 48,216....

Field Day 2013 Table

Field Day 2013

Field Day 2013 for W5YM was a tremendous success! As always, we operated as K5GOE in honor of past faculty advisor, alumni, and friend Dr. Woody Charlton. This year, we ran on solar power, thanks to...

Flag at Field Day

Up and Running

Welcome to our new website. We’ll be blogging some updates here and posting lots of new content in the coming months.  Stay tuned!