International Enrollment Rises Above Nine Percent

By Emelie Sosa | Lemke Newsroom In the 2012-13 academic year, international enrollment in the U.S. rose to nearly 10 percent, filling the country with 250,920 incoming students from around the world, according to the Open Doors Report. Although some students choose to attend relatively close universities, the majority of international students come to the […]

My Calling: Christy’s Story


Brooke McNeely Galligan | Lemke Newsroom Christy Ray is a Springdale, Ark. native whose only dream was to be a mom one day. After trying for 10 years she finally accepted it wasn’t going to happen. To help fill the hole she decided to start babysitting. That was 12 years ago and she believes it […]

Center for Educational Access provides for disabled students

A portable package available at the CEA. It includes essential equipment for students who are visually or hearing impaired. This package, which contains around $5000 of equipment, is available to any student that requests it.

William Bowden | Lemke Newsroom The Center for Educational Access (CEA) provides assistance technology for disabled students and students who want to improve their classroom experience. Communicating the availability of technology to students has been a founding principle, CEA Associate Director Heidi A. Scher said. “Out ultimate goal is to improve the access of knowledge […]

Small Buisiness Saturday Shopping

Photo by Jaime Dunaway | Lemke Newsroom
The Mustache owner Brian Bailey bags items for Avis Tetrault, who is visiting family in Fayetteville. The Mustache has participated in Small Business Saturday for three years. More people shopped at the store on Small Business Saturday than on Black Friday, Bailey said.

UA Professor Coordinates Archaeological Digs in Egypt

Lauren Robinson | Lemke Newsroom
Anthropology professor Jerry Rose has made at least 40 trips to Egypt since 1990. He now takes students to conduct archaeological research in Amarna each summer.

By Lauren Robinson | Lemke Newsroom   Despite sporadic political skirmishes just 195 miles away and a U.S. Department of State travel warning, UA anthropology professor Jerry Rose anticipates making his yearly trip to Amarna, Egypt, to conduct research at an ancient gravesite with select students. Rose said that he has never encountered danger while […]

Fayetteville residents get totally juiced

Native Nectar owner Wilson Wood prepared fresh juice for a free yoga and detox class at Yoga Deza on Nov. 15.

By Rachel Warren | Lemke Newsroom Humans are bombarded with more than 70,000 chemicals at any given moment, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. These toxins enter the body through air, water, food, even skin care products. The skin, lungs, and liver can expel some toxins, but others that aren’t eliminated are stored as fat […]

Social Media and Online Sales Boost Student Entrepreneurship


By Jaime Dunaway | Lemke Newsroom The rise of online shopping has made it easier for student entrepreneurs to create their own businesses and sell products on social media. That convenience also has prompted some students to delay college or even drop out to work on establishing their businesses. Hannah Morehart, a UA junior apparel […]

UofA remains top Arkansas university for disabled students, despite national competition

William Bowden | Lemke Newsroom
This DAISY device allows students to listen to audio versions of text. The user can use the numeral keys to skip to a specific chapter or page.

William Bowden | Lemke Newsroom The money invested in UA programs that provide assistance to disabled students is significantly less than programs of similar sized universities, a university official said. “We are always striving to do more,” Heidi Scher, technology director of the Center for Educational Access (CEA) said. “ We’ve been making steady progress […]

UA Ballroom Dance Club Welcomes Students of all Experience Levels, Builds Out-Of-State Presence By Winning Multiple Awards


The UA Ballroom Dance Club has won multiple awards at out-of-state competitions. The club meets twice a week in the HPER building. Students of all levels of experience may join, and interested participants may choose whether to attend the competitive or social practices.

New local fitness center offers low-impact workout


By Rachel Warren | Lemke Newsroom Ballet-inspired fitness studios are opening across the nation and are gaining popularity because of the dancer physiques that the exercises can create. This form of exercise uses a ballet barre as a prop, but dance experience isn’t required for participation. “There’s no performance element to it,” said Megan Hurley, […]