News Reporting II, Spring 2014.

UA student reporters in the Spring 2014 section of News Reporting II organized beat coverage around the topic of “wellness.” Officials at the Pat Walker Health Center have begun programs and services geared toward promoting a healthy lifestyle among students. The goal, director Mary Alice Sarafini said, is to encourage students to make healthful lifestyle […]

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Multiple Arkansas cities turn retired landfills into parks

By Travis Pence The Razorback Reporter Communities throughout Arkansas have made efforts to use retired landfills to develop parks for recreation. Fayetteville, Conway and Hot Springs, have allowed organizations to build public parks on top of their closed landfills. Fayetteville City Council and several outdoor/recreational organizations plan to use about 800 acres to preserve wildlife […]


Alcohol and drug abuse likely to increase after stress of finals is over

By Christopher Hearty The Razorback Reporter Students in recovery from addictions run the risk of relapse in the aftermath of a rigorous finals schedule, or worse, venture into new abuse territory over the summer. Environmental factors can heavily influence an individual’s approach to dangerous substances, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Stress, […]


SEAR and ROAR are teaming up to bring alcohol awareness presentations to summer classes.

By Christopher Hearty The Razorback Reporter Additional educational opportunities are available for UA students whose teachers are faced with canceling classes. Faculty may request a guest presentation from the office of Substance Education and Alcohol Resources (SEAR). “This is a new initiative for us that we hope to market over the summer and into the […]


Online personal trainers gaining popularity

By Cambron Clark The Razorback Reporter More UA students are exercising each year, but their workout routines increasingly are relying on the Internet for assistance, according to information gathered by University Recreation. Many students are moving to Web-based workouts, rather than battling crowds at campus fitness centers, said Lindsay Smith, assistant director of UREC marketing […]


“Meat-sweet” diet leads to heart disease

By Zach Ligi The Razorback Reporter A good diet is important to achieving optimal health, but with the choices in foods available, decisions are complicated, nutrition experts say. Navam Hettiarachchy, a food scientist, spoke about topics related to diet and health at an event sponsored by the UA chapter of Sigma Xi, a scientific research […]


When starting any extremely physical workout, use supervision.

By Charlotte Musengwa The Razorback Reporter CrossFit endurance and strength-building exercise is rapidly gaining popularity, but an expert cautions against jumping straight into CrossFit or any extreme physical activity without proper supervision. “Anytime with exercise there are benefits to the body, unless you are doing something the body is not prepared for or used to,” […]


NCAA lifts limits of meals and snacks atheletes can have daily

By Brandon Nichols The Razorback Reporter College athletes will be able to eat as often as they and their coaches like, according to a revised NCAA policy that lifted the longstanding limits on the number of meals and snacks that schools could provide. The rule change, which applies to walk-ons as well as scholarship athletes, […]


Exercise helps with a good night’s sleep

By Charlotte Musengwa The Razorback Reporter Sleep is practiced far less than preached on college campuses. Deadlines, homework, jobs, extracurricular activities, sports and, must assuredly – parties, prompt many students to push sleep to the wayside. Many factors affect sleep patterns and quality rest, but experts say that a regular exercise routine can be essential […]


Time management skills are key to surviving finals week

By John Mullins The Razorback Reporter Semester exams, term papers and similar projects collide during semester finals week in what nearly is an all-out brawl to decide which can eat up the most of college students’ time. Staring at multiple projects, in addition to finals, might seem daunting, but there’s no need to stress about […]


Shed those extra pounds with video games

By Cambron Clark The Razorback Reporter Long hours in front of a gaming console can actually be beneficial, depending on the video game, according to weight-loss research, and consistently playing physically active games can increase fitness. Deneen Vojta, senior vice president for Clinical Affairs at UnitedHealth Group, found that participants who regularly played video games […]


UAPD doesn’t want recent false assault report to discourage others from coming forward

By Stephanie Carlson The Razorback Reporter Campus police say that the most likely places for students to be attacked aren’t parking garages or dark areas on campus but “social events where alcohol is being consumed” as well as “students who engage in risky behavior when consuming alcohol with acquaintances.” A national initiative pressed by the […]


Count calories on new wbesite launched by Chartwells

By Sara Parkman The Razorback Reporter Students don’t realize how many calories they’re consuming from day to day, a UA health educator said. Only a few places on campus, including Au bon Pain, Freshens and Burger King, post nutrition information in plain view. All three campus buffet-style dining halls – Brough, Fulbright and Pomfret – […]

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Group by Old Main Students walk to and from class in Old Main. UA student Brian Jekel studies on the Steven L. Anderson Design Center balcony Thursday afternoon. Fall Photo Fall Photo Brooke Galligan | Lemke Newsroom
Crew Leader Stephen Baker, with Facilities Management, cleans up leaves with a leaf blower on campus Thursday afternoon. jennymillsfall2 Steven Baker, Facilities Management crew leader, rakes leaves by the David W. Mullins Library and the Chemistry Building Nov. 14. UA student Brittney Schieber walks across Old Main lawn the afternoon of Nov. 14. crystalbridges5