News Reporting II, Spring 2014.

UA student reporters in the Spring 2014 section of News Reporting II organized beat coverage around the topic of “wellness.” Officials at the Pat Walker Health Center have begun programs and services geared toward promoting a healthy lifestyle among students. The goal, director Mary Alice Sarafini said, is to encourage students to make healthful lifestyle […]

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Signs of Academic Burnout

By John Mullins The Razorback Reporter Academic burnout hits many college students and can lead to an extremely difficult time in post-Spring Break classes, according to Burnout can lead to poor performance in classes and even dropping out of college, when prolonged stress leaves students feeling overwhelmed and unable to meet academic demands. As […]


UA’s Commit to Fit Begins

By Travis Pence The Razorback Reporter UA officials launched Commit to Fit with the hope that more students will get involved with UREC programs and services. The individual fitness program is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by distributing “points” for fitness and wellness activities, said Casey Fant, fitness programs coordinator for UREC. Points are […]


Bad eating habits can last a lifetime

By Zach Ligi The Razorback Reporter Bad eating habits might not simply affect students while in college, but even for the rest of their lives, according to a Leicester University study. The majority of food that college students eat is fast food, researchers found, and a diet of fast food can cause serious problems in […]


The Introverts and Extroverts of Exercise

By Cambron Clark The Razorback Reporter More men and women are reaching to smartphones to track fitness results in very different ways, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center. Of the 3,000 U.S. adults surveyed, 60 percent said they relied on apps – such as Nike Plus, Argus and Runtastic – to […]


Causing or Curing ‘Cyberchondria’

By Cambron Clark The Razorback Reporter WebMD, the go-to healthcare tool for researching illnesses could be the cause of a new, online form of paranoia, cyberchondria, according to a recent study by Microsoft. The study, conducted by Ryen W. White and Eric Horvitz of the Microsoft Research Lab, concluded that WebMD searches caused people to […]


UA students face peer pressue on daily basis

By Scottie Bordelon The Razorback Reporter College can be scary for lots of high school graduates. And feeling the pressure to fit in, some students succumb to peer pressure, which leads to much larger problems. Eighty percent of college students polled admitted to having an alcoholic beverage over a two-week period, according to the Online […]


Volunteer over Spring Break instead of binge drink.

By Scottie Bordelon The Razorback Reporter Eager to relieve stress from classes and get away from the everyday routine, about 1.5 million college students across the country will make a bee-line to the hottest spring break destinations. Some will land in trouble, for a variety of reasons. On average, college students consume six drinks a […]


Exercise classes’ attendance at an all time high as students prepare for Spring Break.

By Charlotte Musengwa The Razorback Reporter Students all over the country have been in physical preparation for months to get ready for spring break. Turnout at the gym and group exercise classes have been at an all-time high in the past month. “I usually don’t have a great turnout for my class on Monday because […]


Alcohol abuse is a serious problem during spring break.

By Zach Ligi The Razorback Reporter Approximately 42 percent of college students get drunk on at least one day of spring break, and 11 percent to the point of passing out, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is a serious problem during spring break, when 32 percent of students […]


Habits made in the first year of college can be hard to break.

By John Mullins The Razorback Reporter College life can be a hard adjustment. Among other things the stress of living on campus and being away from home can amplify that stress, according to a psychological study at the University of Central Florida. The formative years of everything in life can lead to making good and […]


Students eating healthier foods on campus.

By Sara Parkman The Razorback Reporter Students have been making healthier choices with their diets in recent years, a health educator at the Pat Walker Health Center said. Susan Rausch, a health educator who has a Ph.D. in health science, said that it can be difficult for college students to maintain a healthful diet. Students […]


All ages should get up and get active.

By Viviana Millan The Razorback Reporter In 15 years, an estimated 115 million adults are projected to be overweight according to a study published in The Lancet independent medical journal. With more than 78 million adults already overweight, the President’s Council on Fitness and Nutrition has set out to promote programs and initiatives that motivate […]

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Group by Old Main Students walk to and from class in Old Main. UA student Brian Jekel studies on the Steven L. Anderson Design Center balcony Thursday afternoon. Fall Photo Fall Photo Brooke Galligan | Lemke Newsroom
Crew Leader Stephen Baker, with Facilities Management, cleans up leaves with a leaf blower on campus Thursday afternoon. jennymillsfall2 Steven Baker, Facilities Management crew leader, rakes leaves by the David W. Mullins Library and the Chemistry Building Nov. 14. UA student Brittney Schieber walks across Old Main lawn the afternoon of Nov. 14. crystalbridges5