What to do if your student gets sick on campus

Meet Margaret Anne Shanks. Margaret Anne is a senior Nursing major from Memphis, Tennessee. In addition to being a lead parent ambassador, she is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She enjoys going on walks, hiking, and exploring Fayetteville.

It can be overwhelming for students that become ill away from home. There are no parents to care for them and tell them what they should do. But fear not! Here at the University of Arkansas there are great resources if your student does indeed get sick.

If your student gets sick while away at college they have a few of different options. The most convenient option being the Pat Walker health center on campus. It is located on the corner of Garland Street, making it walking distance from pretty much anywhere on campus. It is open Monday through Friday. Pat Walker offers a primary care clinic, allergies & immunizations, a women’s clinic, and mental health services.

Making an appointment at Pat Walker is very easy. Your student can schedule an appointment online on the patient web portal (myhealth.uark.edu) or they can call 479-575-4451. They usually get students in to be seen swiftly.

The Pat Walker health center’s staff includes physicians, nurses, mental health clinicians, psychiatrists, health educators, and many more. As stated above, it is also a great place to go for immunizations. If your student is not up to date on shots or needs additional immunizations for travel/study abroad, school, etc. Since they are on campus they can easily send information where it is needed.

If your student chooses to go off campus there are other options including urgent care facilities and hospitals. Many students recommend MedExpress urgent care and Kara’s urgent care, both located in Fayetteville. The best hospital to go to in Fayetteville is Washington Regional Medical Center.

While I hope your student does not get sick very often, please know that there are many good, qualified places that will take care of your student if he/she does start feeling under the weather or has a medical emergency.

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