Welcome Weeks

Meet Keyana Foreman! She is involved in Welcome Weeks Crew, Parent Ambassador, Students Advocating Strong Sisterhood, Black Alumni Scholar, Black Student Association and Academic Enrichment Program. Keyana’s hobbies include reading and playing her guitar. She loves burgers and dancing!

Greetings Razorback family!

So, by now your student is probably wondering how they are going to connect with other students here on campus or what type of activities go on throughout the academic school year. Well, look no further! I am here to save to the day and inform you that your student will have an AMAZING time participating in Hog W.I.L.D Welcome Weeks!!

Hog W.I.L.D Welcome Weeks is a series of events held here on campus to help freshmen with a smooth and fun transition from high school. Several events go on during the first few weeks of school that will allow for your student to get out of their comfort zone. The main target of Welcome Weeks is really to ease any anxiety that your student may have about coming to the university. I personally have been involved with Welcome Weeks for three years now and I can say that I absolutely love it! What I like most about it is the different events that go on in order to help incoming freshmen.

One event that really resonates with incoming freshmen would be Help-A-Hog. During the first week of school, there are several tables set up in various locations around campus. At these tables, your student will be able to receive a campus map that will help them find their way around because after all, it is a pretty big campus. Students can also ask for help about where specific buildings are so that they can find their classes. The volunteers at the table are current students, faculty and staff, or students part of other organizations. They are more than willing to help because we all remember how we felt our first day here at the university! Your student should feel more than welcome and more comfortable by the end of the week!!

Another event that goes on during Welcome Weeks would be the freshman pep rally! The pep rally is held at the Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Epic, right?! There will be music, dancing, and most of all, the learning of the university chants and songs. These songs are cheered and shouted from the rooftops during home games. Trust me when I say, you do not want to miss out on those! During the pep rally football players, the cheer team, and the mascots come out and introduce themselves. After all of the fun, the freshmen are guided down to the field to form the GIGANTIC A. Once students have arranged themselves in the A, a photo is taken and it becomes a really cool poster with the class year on it! Students will have access to this poster in the New Student and Family Programs office located on the sixth floor of the union above Club Red.

Hog W.I.L.D Welcome Weeks has other events that go on, but those are two that I really like and see the most benefit for incoming freshmen and new transfer students. Welcome Weeks is also an organization where your student can get involved by becoming a member of the Welcome Week Crew. Applications open in the Spring! Your student can apply and help make a difference for the next incoming freshmen the next year! Hope to see your student in these upcoming events for the academic year!


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