Making New Friends

Meet Sidni Wooten! She is involved in Cru, Sigma Alpha Iota and Razorback Marching Band. Her hobbies include eating food, watching Netflix, playing with puppies and taking naps! Sidni’s most memorable U of A experience was floating the Big A in my first pregame show as a part of the Razorback Marching Band. Her favorite quote is “don’t give up on your dreams…..keep sleeping!”

Hello Razorback Parents! I’m here with blog post to help your student get acclimated with the new college life! In this post, I’m going to talk about ways your student can make friends! College is such an exciting time, and adding friends to the equation can make these next four years so much more fun. Here are a few ways your student can make some friends that’ll last a lifetime on campus:

Joining Greek Life. Becoming a part of Greek Life is a good way for your student to make friends on campus. Online registration for Panhellenic Recruitment is open now until July 15, 2017 at 5:00 P.M. The recruitment process takes about 8 days, with orientation on August 11th, formal recruitment the 12th-18th, and bid day Saturday the 19th at 10:00 A.M, at Chi Omega Greek Theater. Interfraternity Council (or IFC) also has open registration going on right now, with the deadline being Wednesday August 23 at 11:59 P.M. Formal Recruitment takes place August 25-27 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), as well as Friday September 8th, with bid day being Saturday September 9th. You can find more information about Greek life and recruitment, as well as NPHC and United Greek Council chapters at

Clubs and Registered Student Organizations. With over 400 clubs and RSO’s on campus, there is something that interests everyone!  Whether your student is interested in music, politics, Live Action Role Playing, or doing intramural sports, your student can join and make a couple of friends through there. You can find a complete list of Registered Student Organizations at

Residence Hall Programs. Throughout the year, many of the residence halls have programs to bring the residents together over a common interest. My freshman year, Pomfret had a Hawaiian themed program, and there I met my best friend. Some programs are geared towards certain topics, like watching presidential debates if you’re political, and some are just for all around fun, like the Hawaiian program or bringing some puppies to some dorms during finals week to help relieve stress. During my sophomore year, my residence hall put on an Open Door Night during the first week of the school year, where we all propped our doors open for about two hours. We were able to go up and down the halls and chat with fellow students, and I made some pretty good friends that lived down the hall from me. It was a great way for me to make friends and get to know the people I would be seeing on a daily basis

 Being Yourself. This not only goes for making friends, but getting through these next four years as well. Being yourself will let you attract and connect with others who think like you, are interested in the same things as you, or interested in learning more about you.

With whichever way you choose to make new friends in college, remember these could be the people that last way beyond 4 years. Create memories, experiences, and greats stories you all can look back on years from now!

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