Getting Involved on Campus

Meet Alexis Johnson! She is involved in the LASAR Research Lab, Parent Ambassadors, Welcome Weeks Crew, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Tau Sigma Honor Society. She also works at Harp’s and volunteers occasionally at the Humane Society of the Ozarks. She loves playing with animals, cooking, and binge watching Netflix. Her most memorable moment at the U of A was the first home football game she went to because it was such a great experience to be surrounded by the community and to really feel like she was part of it.

Encouraging your student to get involved at the University of Arkansas is a great way to help them develop new friendships, do something they love, and learn new things about themselves.  Getting involved in school related organizations is a great way to network and to find possible opportunities for internships or volunteering.  School related involvement looks really great on a resume and will make your student a better candidate for things in the future like graduate school or jobs.  In the first few weeks of school, there will be event such as:  Hog Wild Welcome Weeks and Razorbash.  These two events will help introduce your student to the huge amount of clubs on campus and people who could help your student get better adapted to living at the University of Arkansas.  Razorbash will be held Thursday August 24 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm right out front of the Union.  It will include: campus departments, registered student organizations, local businesses, and community groups.  Razorbash usually has around 200 booths that give out free things and information about the organization and how to get involved.  Hog Wild Welcome Weeks stands from Welcome Involvement, Leadership, and Diversity and will occur during the first three weeks of school as a means to welcome back new and returning students to the University of Arkansas.  Hog WIld Welcome Weeks puts on many events including:  sporting events, outdoor movies, and cookouts.  This is a great way for your student to meet the diverse group of students they will be surrounded by and give them an opportunity to just talk and enjoy their time here because it does go by so fast.  You and your student can find the entire outline for Hog Wild Welcome Weeks on their website .  This website also offers an entire page on how students can get involved in the community they will grow to love.  Getting involved is important because it could help your student decide what they want to major in and could help them grow as a person as they join different groups and learn more about others.  Through getting involved your student will be surrounded by people who enjoy the same things as them and they will not feel as alone making this large transition, or they may decide to step outside their comfort zone and be surrounded by people unlike them, but that will teach them great, new things.  Your student and you can even follow student activities on Twitter @UARKgettinginvoled.  This twitter page will back a fast way for your student to see what is going on on campus and see what opportunities some organizations are offering.  There are over 400 Registered Student Organizations to get involved in and your student is sure to love at least one.  You can check out all of the Registered Student Organizations at .  Inspiring your student to get involved will help them develop and aid them in making some great friends!


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