Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

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Hello Parents,

Some days I just get so tired of my everyday routine. I feel a little lost and unsure of myself. I just get so overwhelmed and so stressed out I just don’t know what to do. For awhile I didn’t know what to do to combat these internal struggles, but then my Resident Assistant suggested that when I feel anxious, homesick, or even like I just need someone to talk to, I should consider going to CAPS. CAPS is my university’s Counseling and Psychological Services offered through the Pat Walker Health Center. Since it is apart of Pat Walker, it is right on campus! The counseling service works with members of the University to help them solve their problems, understand themselves, grow personally, develop more satisfying relationships with friends and family and help with any other mental health issues. It is honestly a great resource that I recommend to everyone on campus. Typically when I go, I go to a group therapy session on anxiety or stress once every other week, but they have many different services to offer. They have individual and group counseling/therapy in a multitude of categories. Some of these topics include stress, depression, relationship issues, identity concerns, anger management, and suicidal ideation. I know you might have a stigma on going to see a counselor, but so many students here go just because they are stressed or homesick. Going to CAPS is nothing like going to see my counselor at high school. Here, there are licensed psychologists, counselors and social workers. These professionals are trained to deal with a multitude of feelings. The therapy sessions are not always about depression, abuse or any of the critical topics individuals seek counseling for. Of course they deal with those issues as well but it’s nice just having people there to listen to me and relate to the things that I am feeling whether it be major or minuscule. It makes me feel normal and like I am not alone. CAPS has a ton of outreach programs to keep the community aware of mental health. One of my favorites is when they visit multiple of locations and do free evaluations. Another thing they do is bring stress relievers to the union during midterms and finals. I personally enjoy the bubble wrap, but my friends enjoy the bubbles, play dough and puppies. I like to keep up my mental health along with my physical health. It’s really important and we as a community should encourage each other to keep our minds healthy. So my task for you is recommend CAPS to everyone you know that goes here or knows someone that goes here.


Your student who believes in mental health


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