Cheap Eats Around Fayetteville

Meet Ryan Jayroe! He is a member of Beta Upsilon Chi and is also the guitar player for The House Church in Rodgers. He is very interested in music production! A fun fact about Ryan is that his dad is a SEC football official.

Your student has eaten at the Brough Cafeteria and while it’s super easy and on their meal plan, they wanted something a little tastier. A friend recommended the Union during meal trade, so they’ve been eating Chick-fil-A and Flying Burrito until they feel like they’re about to become a burrito! They want to something new, something tasty, something off campus, and most importantly SOMETHING CHEAP! I don’t know if they’re like me, but I’m always on the lookout for a good deal and because of that I have found a few places that aren’t only cheap, but very yummy too. If your student is in the mood for pizza, might I recommend Eureka Pizza. With several locations around Fayetteville, and one just a few blocks off campus on Leverette, this pizzeria is extremely convenient for students. They always have pizza hot and ready for you when you walk in and it’s always great! I know what you’re thinking “Pizza is expensive! Especially take out pizza.” However, you would be incorrect when it comes to Eureka! Their hot and ready pizzas are only $4.99! This may sound like a familiar deal, maybe you’re thinking of a certain chain whose mascot wears an orange toga and can only say “Pizza Pizza.” While you would be correct that they have a similar deal you might not know that Eureka Pizza is a local business! So maybe pizza isn’t the most healthy option, might I suggest Tandem Taco! Located just a block off campus at the corner of North and Lafayette, this taco truck is a new place to get your meal after class! They have a wide variety of tacos all made to order with fresh ingredients like bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, cheese and more. Plus they have options for gluten free and vegetarian diets! They also have a taco special that changes once a week so you can always try something new whenever you go! Tacos here range in price from $2.50-$4.50 so they are definitely affordable and the best part is, a portion of the proceeds go toward helping mentally and physically disabled men and women in the area find jobs. Not only are you getting a great bite to eat, you are also putting your money to a great cause! Maybe it’s been a long Wednesday and your student has a test in the morning that them and a few classmates need to study for, but they’re all running low on energy, well take a short drive down College Avenue towards Village Inn! On Wednesdays with every purchase you receive a free slice of fresh made pie! So your student and their friends and get some coffee and a slice of pie while they study for that test! The best part is, the coffee is free refills so they’re good to go for those late night study sessions! So whatever your student is craving, from pizza pies to cherry pies, Fayetteville has got them covered and all for under $5!

UARK Mathematics Department

Meet Belle Joy! She is a math major and loves spending time with her friends.

If your student is good with numbers and has keen interest in solving complex Calculus problems then Math is the perfect major for him/her. University of Arkansas has a very reputable mathematical department. Students can take a major or a minor in Math. The department offers two degree programs, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. Enrollment or completing any course at the level of MATH 2554 or higher allows the student to enter the mathematics program. U of A’s Math department even has incredible PhD programs. Math department falls under J William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. Your student can enter a Calculus 2 class by taking Math Placement Test. The Math Placement test assesses tests the skills in Precalculus and Calculus 1. The Math department consists nine professors and thirteen assistant professors. The University allows students to major in three types of math: Applied, Pure, and, Statistics. Students must complete 120-degree credit hours to include the minimum University core requirements. A student who wishes to get a minor in Math must complete 16-19 credit hours. To get a minor in statistics students must take 12 hours of non-cross-listed courses in the statistics section of the catalog given in the website including, 9 hours of 3000 and above level courses. Coursework used toward the mathematics major is not applied to statistics major.

The departmental honors program allows students to work beyond the usual course of study and earns the student the distinction “Mathematics Scholar Cum Laud” at graduation. To graduate with honors the candidate must obtain at least 3.5 GPA in CSCE 2004 and all 2000-level or higher MATH/STAT courses. A D/F in any other course offered by the department disqualifies the student from honors program. Students must take 2-4 hours MATH 499VH at least one semester before graduation. To gain a license in teaching math students must refer to the secondary education requirements. Also, students wishing to pursue license through the UAteach undergraduate curriculum should consult with a UAteach adviser. Students wanting to teach Middle school mathematics should consult with a middle-level adviser in the College of Education and Health Professions. For more information visit the website The office is in the science and engineering building 309 SCEN. A student who finds difficulty in Math classes can seek help from Calculus Corner situated in the Champions hall.

Mathematical Sciences has two student-based organizations that are actively involved in numerous community-oriented activities. ASWM (Arkansas Women in Statistics and Mathematics) and the Math Club. There is a Math library in the Science and Engineering building which has wide variety of books. Math majors can apply for an individual entrance card which will give them access to Math Lounge (SCEN 350) and to the computer lab across the hall. Applications are available in SCEN 309. The Math department has many summer programs and study abroad programs. For more information visit

Best Places to Eat in Fayetteville

Meet Caleb Velez! He is a member of Beta Upsilon Chi. Caleb’s hobbies include cars, traveling, and going on adventures with friends. He once did a cross country road trip and visited 31 states!

Howdy parents!

Caleb here and I would like to share with you some of my favorite restaurants so when you come and visit your student you have somewhere yummy to fill their tummies! All of these restaurants are fantastic places to go eat and spend time with your student and catch up on the busy semester they have been having. If you are looking for a premium, quick bite head on over to Tacos 4 Life down College Avenue. They serve tender meats with the option to put them on a puffy tortilla shell with cilantro rice that’ll make your taste buds dance. If you would like to sink your teeth into an incredibly juicy burger or a perfectly stacked sandwich check out Hugo’s on the Historic Fayetteville Square. They have a great location and a super neat ambiance. Hugo’s also has a delectable mint grasshopper crepe that is simply amazing. Arsagas at the Depot, right down Dickson Street, is a go-to for brunch or a morning quick-start. Almost everything is homemade and there is a quaint, hometown vibe whenever you step foot in the door that enhances the whole dining experience.

If you would like to venture north on interstate forty-nine for about ten to fifteen minutes you will find the gem to all the Northwest Arkansas Foodies, Marketplace Grill. The Marketplace Grill in Springdale is a contemporary and urban southern eatery but also infuses a little hometown Arkansas decor to keep it feeling personable. The Marketplace Grill serves everything from a pork chop marinated in sweet tea to s’mores fondue and everything in between! Another great place to stop into while you are in town is the Taco Bell Cantina which is also located on Dickson Street. Try to head there around lunchtime or early dinner so it is not too crowded. What makes this Taco Bell location special is that this is that this is only the fifth location opened up in the entire country! They have more slushie options and shared appetizers. It is a very cool place to visit at least once.

If you are aching to satisfy your sweet tooth, think Bliss Cupcakes! They have two locations in Fayetteville, one in the center of the downtown Fayetteville square and another one uptown on Joyce Boulevard by the mall. They serve scrumptious cupcakes that are very generously proportioned. They switch their menu of flavors every day so it is fun to check their website and see what they are serving that day. They also have fresh baked soft cookies and frosting shots for those people who need even more sugar in their lives. Just recently they have developed edible cookie dough which is safe to eat and doesn’t harm you no matter how much you eat! Sounds like a great deal to me and you don’t have to clean the bowl after you make the cookies! Well parents, there you have it! I hope you are hungry because the students always are!

Campus Career Fairs

Meet Matt Annis! Matt is a Sophomore Civil Engineering student from Russellville, Arkansas. Along with being a Parent Ambassador, Matt is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and a showroom host for Hotz Honors Hall.

The main goal of the University of Arkansas is to prepare students for finding a career as soon as they graduate. Whether students are planning on seeking graduate/post-graduate degrees or employment, students will be ready to traverse either path, undergraduate degrees tucked under their arms. While undergraduates are still working towards earning their degree, the university offers many opportunities for them to connect with potential employers. Some of the best ways to scout out future employment and internships is through attending the career fairs hosted on campus throughout the school year.

If you are reading this and feel that your student should attend these career fairs, please contact them immediately and send them a link to this page because the first round of career fairs starts next week. The first business career fair for the 2017-2018 school year is September 26 and it runs from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. with an hour break for lunch starting at 12:00 P.M. I would suggest trying to get there closer to the beginning than the end. Busses will run to and from central campus to Bud Walton Arena, so your student will not have to hike there and back. Typically, employers will start packing up their stations somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes before the end if there is not a lot of traffic. If your student has class during that time, they should talk to their professors to see if there is any way they could miss the lecture. Personally, I would say it is worth missing a lecture to attend the career fair. However, I would advise against missing a lab because there is virtually no way to make up what you have missed or regaining the points lost.

The first STEM career fair is September 27th and it runs from 10:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. with the same hour lunch break starting at 12:00 P.M. It will also be held in Bud Walton Arena and have shuttle busses running to and from Bell Engineering. The Career Development Center is offering STEM resume reviews in the Union Monday and Tuesday (Sept. 25th & 26th) from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. if your student would like a little help in getting prepared for Wednesday. A Pre-STEM Mixer will also be held Tuesday night from 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. in the Union Ballroom if your student is looking to meet company representatives before the actual fair.

For these career fairs, students must be wearing at least business casual. Speaking from experience, your student should wear a blazer if not a full suit if they have one with them. While not mandatory, most students wear business professional clothing to these events. I would suggest having at least 20 copies of their resume with them because there will be a high number of companies present. Your student should make sure to talk to as many people as they can; even if the company is only looking for senior applicants, there is nothing wrong with making a connection a year or two in advance. For more information about upcoming career fairs and related events, visit . Your student’s career has the potential to start before they even graduate if they use the resources provided to them here at the University of Arkansas.

What to do if your student gets sick on campus

Meet Margaret Anne Shanks. Margaret Anne is a senior Nursing major from Memphis, Tennessee. In addition to being a lead parent ambassador, she is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She enjoys going on walks, hiking, and exploring Fayetteville.

It can be overwhelming for students that become ill away from home. There are no parents to care for them and tell them what they should do. But fear not! Here at the University of Arkansas there are great resources if your student does indeed get sick.

If your student gets sick while away at college they have a few of different options. The most convenient option being the Pat Walker health center on campus. It is located on the corner of Garland Street, making it walking distance from pretty much anywhere on campus. It is open Monday through Friday. Pat Walker offers a primary care clinic, allergies & immunizations, a women’s clinic, and mental health services.

Making an appointment at Pat Walker is very easy. Your student can schedule an appointment online on the patient web portal ( or they can call 479-575-4451. They usually get students in to be seen swiftly.

The Pat Walker health center’s staff includes physicians, nurses, mental health clinicians, psychiatrists, health educators, and many more. As stated above, it is also a great place to go for immunizations. If your student is not up to date on shots or needs additional immunizations for travel/study abroad, school, etc. Since they are on campus they can easily send information where it is needed.

If your student chooses to go off campus there are other options including urgent care facilities and hospitals. Many students recommend MedExpress urgent care and Kara’s urgent care, both located in Fayetteville. The best hospital to go to in Fayetteville is Washington Regional Medical Center.

While I hope your student does not get sick very often, please know that there are many good, qualified places that will take care of your student if he/she does start feeling under the weather or has a medical emergency.

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Meet Kelsie Brown! She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta, the Council of Supply Chain Excellence and Black Students Association. Her hobbies include finding new shows and new adventures! Kelsie’s most memorable U of A experience was rushing the field after beating LSU! She loves Jump Parks.

Hello Parents,

Some days I just get so tired of my everyday routine. I feel a little lost and unsure of myself. I just get so overwhelmed and so stressed out I just don’t know what to do. For awhile I didn’t know what to do to combat these internal struggles, but then my Resident Assistant suggested that when I feel anxious, homesick, or even like I just need someone to talk to, I should consider going to CAPS. CAPS is my university’s Counseling and Psychological Services offered through the Pat Walker Health Center. Since it is apart of Pat Walker, it is right on campus! The counseling service works with members of the University to help them solve their problems, understand themselves, grow personally, develop more satisfying relationships with friends and family and help with any other mental health issues. It is honestly a great resource that I recommend to everyone on campus. Typically when I go, I go to a group therapy session on anxiety or stress once every other week, but they have many different services to offer. They have individual and group counseling/therapy in a multitude of categories. Some of these topics include stress, depression, relationship issues, identity concerns, anger management, and suicidal ideation. I know you might have a stigma on going to see a counselor, but so many students here go just because they are stressed or homesick. Going to CAPS is nothing like going to see my counselor at high school. Here, there are licensed psychologists, counselors and social workers. These professionals are trained to deal with a multitude of feelings. The therapy sessions are not always about depression, abuse or any of the critical topics individuals seek counseling for. Of course they deal with those issues as well but it’s nice just having people there to listen to me and relate to the things that I am feeling whether it be major or minuscule. It makes me feel normal and like I am not alone. CAPS has a ton of outreach programs to keep the community aware of mental health. One of my favorites is when they visit multiple of locations and do free evaluations. Another thing they do is bring stress relievers to the union during midterms and finals. I personally enjoy the bubble wrap, but my friends enjoy the bubbles, play dough and puppies. I like to keep up my mental health along with my physical health. It’s really important and we as a community should encourage each other to keep our minds healthy. So my task for you is recommend CAPS to everyone you know that goes here or knows someone that goes here.


Your student who believes in mental health